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Defend yourself - seminar for women coming up!

Self-defense seminar for women in Tampere, Finland

Have you ever thought what to do if you end up in a threatening situation?

Welcome to learn battle-born techniques and means to defend yourself. You don't need any previous experience on martial arts to attend the seminar. Bring your friend and get a special discount!

Where: Varala Sports Institute – Kamppailusali Hall, Majala Building (Varalankatu 36, 33240 Tampere, Finland)

When: Sat 8. February 2020 at 12.00–14.00

How much: 

Earlybird tickets 24€ (until 20.1.) After that 29€ Buy 2 tickets together with a friend 18€/ticket (36€ in total)

Other info: The seminar is held in English. Age limit: 15 years.

The seminar is held by world-class teacher, Italian master Maria Grazia Vallone. To ensure your safety and learning, many other assisting teachers are also present in the seminar.


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