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Experiences from Defend yourself - seminar for women 2020

Can learning self-defense be fun? Is it something I should try? Read the experiences from participants of Defend yourself - seminar for women held in Varala Sports Institute, Tampere in February 2020 and find out!

Learning useful things

What to do if you end up in a situation, where you need to defend yourself? Marica Vallone’s Defend Yourself seminar answers this question with straightforward techniques. The seminar structure is designed so that no previous experience in martial arts is needed to start learning.

"Having had zero experience with martial arts previously, I was excited to participate in the women's self defense seminar. In reality, the seminar exceeded all my expectations, and I went home with some very valuable takeaways on how to defend myself if I ever need to” –Annika

First thing in the seminar was to practise some body movements, which allow to produce kinetic energy. These movements were practised with thai pads to test how the striking and kicking works out with a target.

After this basic introduction the teacher Marica Vallone introduced some self-defense scenarios and ways to survive in them. She showed some simple and straightforward techniques, in which e.g. the elbows, knees and legs were utilized. The participants got to test the techniques in a safe environment with proper guidance. Several assisting teachers from IMBA were present in the seminar to help the participants learn and develop.

“The course was well-organized and facilitated in a very hands-on way.” –Kim

The seminar was an effective effort of learning how I can easily use own body strength to defend myself in case of most typical ways of attack. The highlight of the event for me was the necessity of a warrior’s mindset not only during an attack but life in general.” –Martina

Important skills, but not too serious

The teacher, Marica Vallone has long experience in teaching Thai martial arts. She has given similar seminars for women for example in Italy, Greece and Finland. “Every time I teach in a self-defense seminar I realize how important it is to be able to convey to other women what Muay Boran has taught me: self-confidence, always being able to overcome my limits and never consider myself inferior to anyone” says the teacher, Master Marica Vallone.

Self-defense is a serious thing, but it doesn’t mean that the practicing needs to be. Marica’s style to teach is respectful and professional, but there’s always a sense of humour, too. It helps to relax the atmosphere and show that the learning can be fun.

Master Marica taught us the basics of self-defense in a humorous but empowering way. I believe that every woman should attend the course and learn how to defend herself.” says Kim who participated in the seminar.

Sharing our knowledge and teaching each others are some of the guiding principles of International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA). “The greatest pleasure is to see during these seminars the transformation of the participants into real warriors! It is an honor for me to be part of IMBA that supports women every day with our work” says Marica Vallone.

Join our warm and encouraging community!

Eager to learn more? Did the seminar spark your interest? We are planning to organize Defend yourself - Seminar for women again February 2021.

While waiting for that, you’re most welcome to join our Muay Boran basic course, starting in April and August 2020! Find out more about the basic course here:


Defend Yourself - Seminar for Women was organized in Varala Sports Institute, Tampere in February 2020 by International Muay Boran Academy Finland ry.


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