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Discover IMBA Muay Boran - Free Online Library Launched

Find out what IMBA Muay Boran is through visual material, stories and explanations. Discover selected techniques performed by Grand Master and founder of IMBA, Marco De Cesaris. All this is free and accessible for you through the new Discover IMBA Muay Boran website.

Discover IMBA Muay Boran web application, martial arts web app
You can access Discover IMBA Muay Boran web application on your phone or computer!


Developed on battle fields thousands of years ago through trial and error, Muay Boran is the mother martial art of Thai Boxing. The art is an umbrella term for several different fighting methods of the people of Siam. International Muay Boran Academy studies, teaches and practices the art in order to pass on the knowledge by teaching Muay Boran.

Discover IMBA Muay Boran is a web application - a mobile-optimized library that contains lots of information about Muay Boran. The app is intuitive to use and information is organized in a way which makes it easier to understand the overview of the basics of IMBA Muay Boran and also get detailed information on chosen categories or techniques.

“All the knowledge I have acquired in the course of the last 40 years (what we call IMBA Muay Boran) is now at the disposal of all truly interested martial artists, worldwide“ says Grand Master Marco De Cesaris.

“This App represents a cornerstone in the application of modern technology to the diffusion of this ancient wisdom” De Cesaris continues.

Discover IMBA Muay Boran contains e.g. attacking, defending and counter attacking techniques, instructions for heavy bag and thai pads training, excercises for movement and footwork and throwing techniques. In addition, the webapp covers series of fundamental techniques of Muay Boran called Mae Mai and Look Mai accompanied with videos of Grand Master De Cesaris performing the techniques.


The vast amount of knowledge gathered, practiced and studied by Grandmaster Marco De Cesaris is now collected to a free website. But why not protect the knowledge and keep it as a secret?

Muay Thai Boran or Ancient Muay Thai is a Thailand’s National heritage and a cultural treasure: after many centuries of popularity, it was about to disappear in its own mother land but thanks to the efforts of a few Thai and western Masters it has been preserved for future generations.

“I strongly believe that Ancient Muay should now become a world heritage and no principle, strategy or technique of this amazing Martial Art should be kept as a secret.” says Grandmaster Marco De Cesaris.

In addition, the information in the WebApp - as wide as it is - is still just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads of mode information, techniques and details to learn. In order to actually practice and learn more, one has to find the closest IMBA gym and train under the supervision of a qualified IMBA instructor.


The application is an initiative of Dani Warnicki, the Country Representative of International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA) Finland. Building this model for discovering IMBA Muay Boran and supporting the learning and understanding of our system is a part of his studies in Muay Boran in IMBA.

Dani’s task was to coordinate the webapp project as well as to organize the contents and write explanations on the techniques, based on Master De Cesaris’ material. He worked closely with Master Marco De Cesaris and UX/UI Designer Heikki Salo.

“The project was a great way to dig deeper to Muay Boran. I’m very thankful for all the support and help that I got for the project.” says Dani Warnicki.

Grand Master encourages everyone to find out more about IMBA Muay Boran through the app. “IMBA’s staff is well prepared to satisfy the growing demand for professional teaching; put yourself in contact with continental delegates for all information about IMBA Muay Boran Instructors.”


Find out the Discover IMBA Muay Boran WebApp here:

International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA) is the first international school devoted to the development of traditional Thai unarmed fighting disciplines (since 1993). IMBA has been created thanks to the dedication of one of the world wide exponents of Muay Thai, the Italian Muay Boran Master Marco De Cesaris. Today IMBA is represented worldwide in more than 20 countries. Find out more:


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