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16.-18.2.2024 // TAMPERE


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the ancient art of Muay Boran and discover the secrets of this legendary martial art? Join us for a thrilling and educational three-day seminar, proudly led by Grand Master Marco De Cesaris and Master Marica Vallone!


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Three days of seminars & get together

The complete Winter Gathering event starts on Friday 16th of February and ends on Sunday 18th. 

Each day is filled with action packed seminars and training sessions (at least three sessions each day).

Everyone who's intrested in martial arts is welcome to join the IMBA Winter Gathering!

Read more about the 3-day package by clicking the button below!

Saturday Open Seminar: Lert Rit by Master Marica Vallone

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey into the heart of IMBA Lert Rit, a Thai military close-combat system adapted to civilian use, based on ancient battlefield strategies and techniques?

This two hours seminar is led by Master Marica Vallone. Read more about the open IMBA Lert Rit seminar from below!

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Sunday Open seminar: Muay Pram by Grand Master Marco De Cesaris

This is an extraordinary journey into the world of IMBA Muay Pram, a time-honored Siamese combat-grappling style, meticulously reconstructed and refined using modern scientific principles.


This two hours seminar is led by Grand Master Marco De Cesaris. Read more about the open IMBA Muay Pram seminar from below!

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