MONDAY | 18.30–20.00

Pad combinations & attacking skill

TUESDAY | 17.00–18.30

Changing theme & sparring

WEDNESDAY | 18.30–20.00

Power production, attacking techniques & combat forms

THURSDAY | 17.00–18.30

Footwork, movement & counter attacking

SATURDAY | 12.00-13.30

Takedowns, finishers & grappling

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6 months deal 45€/mo (40€ students and unemployed)

Non-fixed term 54€/mo (49€ students and unemployed)
You can pay with ePassi, Eazybreak, Smartum and Edenred excercise benefits.


Some important guidelines that everyone training in IMBA needs to follow.


  • Please wash your hands when arriving at the gym

  • Please wash your feet to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at the gym

  • Remember to use IMBA t-shirt & thai boxing shorts or IMBA t-shirt & traditional shorts in the class (after the basic course)

  • Please use the required protective equipment (after basic course): gloves, shin guards, mouth piece, groin guard and elbow protection (+ helmet, optional)

  • Make sure your nails are cut. Long nails can accidentally cause wounds to your training partner

  • It is natural to sweat during the training. Please take care of your personal hygienebefore the class for the comfortability of everyone.

  • Use a towel to wipe off sweat when sweating a lot

  • Training when sick is not allowed for the sake of your and others' health.

  • Make sure you have a free-time insurance which also covers martial arts training.

  • It's good to remember to arrive at the class only when you are healthy and rested well, so that training is safe and productive.


  • Martial arts are individual events, but you need training partners and teachers to develop. Please treat them politely and with respect. In IMBA this is a very important value, as we are all one big family.

  • For your and others' safety please listen carefully all instructions and follow them in the class.

  • It's allowed and recommended to have fun in the class. Yet, remember to let others practice in peace.


  • When your skills develop, also your responsibility increases. Consider carefully where you use your skills.

  • Do not use IMBA clothing or accessories outside the gym in a disrespectful way, such as in a bar.

  • If you take pictures in the class, ask everyone in the picture for permission before sharing them.

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