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Traditional skills, a modern martial art

Behind the world-renowned combat sport, Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, there is a rich spectrum of traditional unarmed Thai fighting skills. Muay (Thai) Boran is an umbrella term for these skills.


IMBA Muay Boran is a modern combination of traditional fighting skills and is based on three technical pillars:

  • Combat Muay Boran, the application of traditional unarmed Thai fighting skills to modern combat and sport.

  • IMBA Lert Rit, the Thai military's close combat system applied to civilian use.

  • IMBA Muay Pram, an ancient Siamese clinch fighting style modernized with scientific principles.


International Muay Boran Academy or IMBA teaches Muay Boran by combining traditional fighting skills with modern training methods. In our classes, you will learn each of the above-mentioned pillars.

Read more about Muay Boranista here.

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What separates Muay Boran from Muay Thai?

The sports have many similarities, such as the use of the same body weapons, similar techniques (kicks, knees, elbows, throws) and stand-up wrestling (clinch), but there are also differences.


Muay Thai is a combat sport subject to official rules and is scored like boxing. Although Muay Thai is a dangerous sport, the rules protect the fighters from worse injuries and the dirty tricks of the opponent


IMBA Combat Muay Boran on the other hand, is a modern martial art derived from traditional unarmed fighting skills, which aims to remove the opponent from the game quickly and efficiently. In a real situation, you can expect the opponent to try any number of dirty tricks, such as breaking joints, strangling, or kicking sensitive spots, which are out of the question in sports. IMBA Combat Muay Boran also prepares you for these threats.


”Parasta on nähdä miten opitut tekniikat toimii käytännössä, kivalla porukalla sparratessa ja pädeihin mätkiessä päivän stressi ja murheet haihtuu kuin itsestään.”

Marjo Roivas


"Meidän seurassa kaikki mahdollinen hyöty tulee kerralla, kun on hauskaa ja hyvä ilmapiiri sekä asiansa todella osaavat valmentajat."

Karol Warnicki


Practice & progress at your own pace

IMBA Muay Boran is suitable for all sizes, ages, fitness levels and genders; no previous martial arts or sports background is required.


Develop your balance, strength, endurance, mobility, speed and agility through training. Precisely because of its versatility, Muay Boran is also well-suited for supporting training for other martial arts or sports.


In IMBA Muay Boran, progress is evaluated by Khan levels:

  • 1-7 basic

  • 8-10 advanced

  • 11-13 elite

  • 14 master


In the Khan examination, the student shows that they know the combat forms and attack and defense techniques belonging to the level.

Versatile training after the basic course

After the basic course, you can freely participate in all the weekly workouts included in IMBA's training program, such as:

  • Technique (Mai Muay)

  • Equipment and Pads (Som Pao)

  • Application (Len Chern)

  • Sparring (Som Khu)

  • Combat physique

By putting together a training program suitable for you, you can emphasize, for example, deepening your knowledge of the sport, improving your physical condition (strength, speed, mobility and other characteristics typical of the sport), self-defense techniques or sparring. The training schedule rotates in six-week periods.


Sparring is an elemental part of training

The advanced group includes more challenging techniques and practice of different scenarios.


If you wish, you can also participate in sparring, where learned techniques are put into practice with a training opponent.


Sparring is light, which means punches and kicks are delivered, but no force is used.


Many feel that sparring is the most best way to train, but you can skip it if you want.

What will you learn in the basic course?

During the basic course, the focus is above all on improving fitness and basic techniques:

  • You will learn how to use the nine body weapons

  • You will learn power production from your body based on physics and anatomy

  • You will learn straightforward attack and defense techniques in a safe environment

  • You learn to act in typical self-defense situations

  • Your fitness, as well as your mobility and physical performance will increase

  • You get to know our club's activities and other trainers and you get to have fun while training!


You don't need any special equipment for the basic course - a t-shirt, shorts and a drinking bottle are enough.

Experienced fighters: Those who have practiced martial arts for more than half a year can, if they wish, can directly join the advanced group for training.


Qualified instructors

Treenihinnasto & jäsenyydet

Tarjoamme monipuolisen valikoiman erilaisia vaihtoehtoja treenimaksuihin. Voit halutessasi maksaa jäsenyytesi aina kuukaudeksi kerrallaan, tai vaihtoehtoisesti säästää rahaa lunastamalla jäsenyyden vuodeksi kerrallaan.

Jäsenyys 12kk: 396 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 356 €) Jäsenyys 6kk: 270 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 243 €) Jäsenyys 3kk: 165 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 148,50 €) Jäsenyys 1kk: 69 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 63 €) 10 treenikerran sarjalippu: TARJOUS: 95 € (norm. 140 €)


Prices & memberships

We provide multiple payment options to choose from. You can choose to pay your membership on monthly basis, or save money and purchase membership for whole year.

Membership 12 months: 396 € (students 356 €) Membership 6 months: 270 € (students 243 €) Membership 3 months: 165 € (students 148,50 €) Membership 1 month: 69 € (students 63 €) 10 rehearsals, one time payment: SPECIAL PRICE: 95 € (regular price 140 €)


Dani Warnicki

Danille Muay Boran ja liikunta eivät ole harrastuksia, tai töitä, vaan elämäntapoja.

  • IMBA Certified Instructor, Khan 12 Advanced, Kru Muay

  • IMBA:n maaedustaja ja pääohjaaja Suomessa vuodesta 2015 asti

  • Lähes 5000 ohjattua tuntia Muay Borania

  • Kouluttaa ohjaajia Suomessa ja Englannissa

  • Yli 300 tuntia Grand Master Marco De Cesariksen henkilökohtaisessa ohjauksessa vuodesta 2015

  • Kauppatieteiden maisteri (ekonomi)

  • Liikunta-alan ammattitutkinto (Varala)

  • Personal Trainer -tutkinto (Varala)

  • Liikunta-alan opintoja Keski-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulussa

  • DiscoverIMBA web appin (linkki) perustaja

  • Hyvinvointi- ja suorituskykyvalmennuksia sivutyönä

Danilta saa myös lajin yksityistunteja, Personal Trainer -palveluita sekä elämäntapamuutos-valmennuksia


Janne Warnicki

"Muay Boranissa hienoa on lajin monipuolisuus."

  • IMBA Certified Instructor, Khan 11 (1/2)

Why IMBA Muay Boran?

We at IMBA are proud of the good spirit of our club, as well as the safe and encouraging atmosphere.


When you train, you develop not only physical qualities, but also mental qualities, such as self-confidence, determination and the courage to act.


We especially cherish the fact that training is motivating and fun. Small group sizes also allow for a more personalized coaching experience. 

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