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IMBA Lert Rit

Muay Lert Rit is a close combat system developed by the Thai army, which is based on the scientific application of battle tested techniques and the combination of modern training methods.

IMBA Lert Rit is a straightforward and effective version of these techniques applied to civilian use and self-defense.

Read more about IMBA Lert Rit here.

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Grounded self-defence

Whereas in Muay Boran techniques there are spectacular jumps and other techniques, in Lert Rit the main emphasis is on straightforward techniques and short distance.


Most self-defense situations end up in hand-to-hand combat. Lert Rit strategies and techniques are aimed at just such situations.


Basic techniques

In many respects, IMBA Lert Rit is based on the basic techniques of Muay Boran that are effective at close range:

  • Low kicks, straight or round kicks below the waistline

  • Elbows, both slashing and thrusting, in clinch or apart

  • Knees, both in clinch and apart

  • Headbutts, both in clinch and apart

  • Punches, fist, back of hand, palm, with hammer and arm punches

  • Manipulation of joints, to break them or control the opponent

  • Takedowns, by throwing and tripping

  • Muay Pram, traditional Thai clinch fighting

Strategic principles

In addition to the techniques, three basic strategic concepts are practiced in the IMBA Lert Rit:

  1. Go in (use aggressive defensive strategies based on pre-emptive strikes)

  2. Take it to the ground (hit the opponent's vital points and throw them to the ground)

  3. Finish on the ground (for example, by kneeing, stomping or strangling)


IMBA Lert Rit

Lert Rit basic techniques are part of IMBA's Muay Boran training, so the themes are partially covered in the weekly exercises as well. In addition to this,


IMBA organizes seminars around more advanced Lert Rit and self-defense themes.


The prerequisite for participation to seminars is completing the basic course.


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Treenihinnasto & jäsenyydet

Tarjoamme monipuolisen valikoiman erilaisia vaihtoehtoja treenimaksuihin. Voit halutessasi maksaa jäsenyytesi aina kuukaudeksi kerrallaan, tai vaihtoehtoisesti säästää rahaa lunastamalla jäsenyyden vuodeksi kerrallaan.

Jäsenyys 12kk: 396 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 356 €) Jäsenyys 6kk: 270 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 243 €) Jäsenyys 3kk: 165 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 148,50 €) Jäsenyys 1kk: 69 € (opiskelijat ja työttömät 63 €) 10 treenikerran sarjalippu: TARJOUS: 95 € (norm. 140 €)


Prices & memberships

We provide multiple payment options to choose from. You can choose to pay your membership on monthly basis, or save money and purchase membership for whole year.

Membership 12 months: 396 € (students 356 €) Membership 6 months: 270 € (students 243 €) Membership 3 months: 165 € (students 148,50 €) Membership 1 month: 69 € (students 63 €) 10 rehearsals, one time payment: SPECIAL PRICE: 95 € (regular price 140 €)

Qualified instructors


Dani Warnicki

Danille Muay Boran ja liikunta eivät ole harrastuksia, tai töitä, vaan elämäntapoja.

  • IMBA Certified Instructor, Khan 12 Advanced, Kru Muay

  • IMBA:n maaedustaja ja pääohjaaja Suomessa vuodesta 2015 asti

  • Lähes 5000 ohjattua tuntia Muay Borania

  • Kouluttaa ohjaajia Suomessa ja Englannissa

  • Yli 300 tuntia Grand Master Marco De Cesariksen henkilökohtaisessa ohjauksessa vuodesta 2015

  • Kauppatieteiden maisteri (ekonomi)

  • Liikunta-alan ammattitutkinto (Varala)

  • Personal Trainer -tutkinto (Varala)

  • Liikunta-alan opintoja Keski-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulussa

  • DiscoverIMBA web appin (linkki) perustaja

  • Hyvinvointi- ja suorituskykyvalmennuksia sivutyönä

Danilta saa myös lajin yksityistunteja, Personal Trainer -palveluita sekä elämäntapamuutos-valmennuksia


Janne Warnicki

"Muay Boranissa hienoa on lajin monipuolisuus."

  • IMBA Certified Instructor, Khan 11 (1/2)

Why IMBA Muay Boran?

We at IMBA are proud of the good spirit of our club, as well as the safe and encouraging atmosphere.


While training you'll develop not only physical qualities, but also mental qualities, such as self-confidence, determination and the courage to act.


We especially cherish the fact that training is motivating and fun. Small group sizes also allow for a more personalized coaching experience. 

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