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Behind the world famous combat sport known as Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, exists a vast variety of traditional unarmed Thai martial arts which are unified under the name of Muay (Thai) Boran.



Began to develop in the Siamese battlefields thousands of years ago. Techniques tested through trial and error – the ones which survived passed on their knowledge. Later, during times of peace, the warriors would practice and fight in bare-knuckle and wrapped hands boxing fights.


And Siamese kingdom was the only one never occupied, thanks to the developed Thai warriors and their supreme skills.


3 pillars

Muay Boran IMBA is a modern-traditional fighting system based on 3 main components (technical pillars):

Combat Muay Boran, a modern combative interpretation of the ancient fighting principles of barehanded Thai martial arts.

IMBA Lert Rit, a Thai military close-combat system adapted to civilian use, based on ancient battlefield strategies and techniques.

IMBA Muay Pram, the ancestral Siamese combat-grappling style, reconstructed according to modern scientific principles.

Our weekly training consists of all these pillars.

About basic course

Contrary to other fighting styles of Far East Muay did not spring from one single founder but rather from Thailand's cultural heritage as a whole, from Thai people themselves

Marco De Cesaris


That's why the techniques have Thai names, which we learn with their translations. There's a story behind nearly every technique, related to Thai mythology, everyday life and people. This was used to describe the actions when passing on the knowledge.


The monk sweeps the floor. The Javanese throws the spear. The crocodile swings its tail...

Each technique is described through a story to put lots of information in short and easily memorable form. In addition, all our techniques contain pieces of Thai culture and history – what an interesting combination to learn!


Scientific use of nine body weapons

Head. Elbows. Fists. Knees. Legs. In Thai it's called Nawarthawooth - nine body weapons.

In Muay Boran we use our hard, bony body parts towards the opponent's weak points – just like the siamese warriors did in the battlefields.


Our art contains strikes, defensive movements, grappling, throws and even breaking techniques.


Brought to you by IMBA

We are part of IMBA – International Muay Boran Academy, founded by Italian Grandmaster Marco De Cesaris with decades of experience in ancient Thai fighting styles. 

IMBA Muay Boran is now practiced in more than 20 countries worldwide. 


De Cesaris persistently learned Thaiboxing, but was eager to understand its origins. He learned from several masters, gathered knowledge and committed his life to practicing and studying.


The Thai heritage of Muay Boran was about to disappear while Thaiboxing was gaining momentum. De Cesaris persistently researched to collect the bits and pieces from the masters of different styles and put them together. Thus, creating Muay Boran.

Practical info




Now this information is put together in IMBA's curriculum by our Grandmaster, and brought to you by several IMBA gyms all around the world. 


Most recently some of the information is now accessible to you through our free web app. We want to share what we know about Muay Boran to preserve the precious Thai heritage. 

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