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Teaching and STRENGTHENING your body and mind

The purpose of our training system is to stay fit throughout our lives – just like the warriors of ancient Siam.


We practice in many ways: free style shadowboxing, performing forms, practicing with a partner with Thai pads and focus gloves, training on heavy bag, doing functional training and calisthenics, sparring with protective equipment etc.


Our training system develops all the areas of physical performance, such as strength, endurance, balance and mobility. 


To support this we train with different body weight exercises and sometimes with equipment like dumbbells or kettle-bells. All training is done progressively according to everyone's own level to compete against ourselves, not each other.

Our training system develops all the areas of physical performance.


International curriculum

Since Muay Boran is an umbrella term for a wide range of Thai fighting styles and techniques, there is a lot to learn. To help understand the whole picture in IMBA we follow an international curriculum in which all the information to be learned is organized.

This means that our colleagues all over the globe practice the same way as we do in Finland. We begin by building a good base of the fundamentals, and then add a layer of techniques and training methods on top of that on each level. 

Following IMBA's curriculum you get to take a look at new exciting stuff to be learned while also repeating what you've practiced before. You'll learn the entity of the art in a systematic way.

If you train without the team, you can perform average, but not the best.

Your team is very important.

GM Marco De Cesaris

science. art. spirit.

Developed through trial and error, Muay Boran techniques are efficient and straightforward. Our techniques are based on physics, body mechanics, human anatomy and human psychology. 


In our practice, we strive for perfection. Nobody's perfect, but we aim at learning to become as good as we can - little by little. This is the art, the beauty of the body movement and striving for flawless, flowing and energy-efficient motion that results in fighting efficiency.


Respecting our training partners, our teachers, our master and our opponent and the Thai heritage is a key element in our practice. The spirit of training needs to be right, and it is learned at the gym. We have fun and we train hard, but first and foremost we do respect. 

like belts?

Have you heard of black belts? Well, our system is somewhat similar, but instead of belts we have Mongkons, which is the traditional Thai head band. The colour of the mongkon shows the practitioner's level on the curriculum.

The curriculum is divided into 15 levels. The first 9 are student levels, after which begin the instructor levels.

But actually in IMBA we learn to teach others, and we aim at lifelong learning. Therefore, passing a khan examination means that the learning has just began.

Practical info

we help each other to learn.


Ultimately our goal is to teach and learn so well that we can pass on the knowledge we have, to share it. We share it with each other and with all new eager students in our basics course. Even before joining IMBA you can take a look at our techniques, videos and explanations in the free web app,


Our strength is the community.


The warm and caring atmosphere. The feeling of sharing and practicing together, towards a common goal: to become better together and to help each other.

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