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Foundations Class

Unleash your warrior within and learn the Foundations of IMBA Muay Boran

  • 1 30 min
  • 20 euroa
  • Hatanpään valtatie

Palvelun kuvaus

Begin or continue your journey in martial arts with IMBA Finland's Foundations Class. This weekly class is perfect for those new to martial arts or just looking to improve their skills. Led by professional instructors, this beginner-friendly class will introduce you to the ancient martial art of Muay Boran. No equipment is needed, only indoor training clothing such as t-shirt and shorts. We train barefeet. Join us weekly and learn the foundations of this powerful fighting style. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness or learn self-defense, IMBA Finland's Foundations Class is the perfect place to start. In addition, you can take part in our Warrior Fitness Class to boost your fitness like a martial artist! They Key Objectives of the Foundations Class are: 1. Getting to know the basics of the use of 9 body weapons (fists, legs, elbows, knees, head) 2. Learning energy principles based on physics and anatomy to produce as powerful strikes as possible 3. Learning straightforward attacking and defending techniques in a secure environment 4. Learning to cope with typical self-defense situations 5. Improving your fitness and physical performance 6. Getting to know our club and other students and having fun when practicing!

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Voit ilmoittautua treeneihin viimeistään 10 minuuttia ennen treenin alkua. Perumisen rajana on viimeistään kaksi tuntia ennen treenin alkua. Jos joudut perumaan osallistumisesi, ilmoitathan siitä mahdollisimman pian – kuitenkin viimeistään kaksi tuntia ennen treenien alkua. You can sign up for the class the latest 10 minutes before it starts. In case you need to cancel, please cancel as soon as possible, the latest two hours before the class.


  • Muay Boran IMBA Finland, Hatanpään valtatie, Tampere, Finland

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