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Sun, 30 May


IMBA Finland Gym

IMBA Finland Combat Fitness Test

Test your chosen areas of fitness

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IMBA Finland Combat Fitness Test
IMBA Finland Combat Fitness Test

Date & Venue

30 May 2021, 12:00 – 15:00

IMBA Finland Gym, Hatanpään valtatie 34 D, 33100 Tampere, Finland


IMBA Finland offers its members the opportunity to test the key areas of fitness from the fighter's point of view. Testing them allows you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses - you can’t rely solely on your own feelings.


There is no one-size-fits-all test to find out what your fitness level is. It consists of several components, such as mobility, motion control, strength, and endurance, each with its own role. In addition, good fitness can mean different things to each of us.


NOTE! The fitness test is not a competition, not even against yourself. It is an opportunity to find out where you are currently, what needs to be done to develop in a balanced way and with what the results can be compared in the future.


Choose for yourself what you want to test


From the list below, you can choose which areas you want to test. The tests at the top of the list are the most important for training and development. Adequate level in these areas creates the conditions for training and development of those below the list. It is a good idea to start testing them if you have difficulty choosing.


It does not make sense to do all the tests on the same day. Therefore, if there is a demand for several different tests, we will arrange another test day later.

  • Mobility - the ability to make powerful and controlled movements along the entire trajectory of the joints -> challenging techniques such as high kicks
  • Movement control - the ability to control the torsional forces on your body and stabilize the necessary parts of your body, such as the knee and hips -> safety of techniques and training
  • Strength - the ability to maintain power output in multiple iterations
  • Aerobic endurance - the ability to resist fatigue in high-intensity training and recover from it.
  • Explosivity: purity of techniques -> power
  • Speed - (attack, defense and counterattack) techniques speed -> power
  • Agility - the ability to change direction and do the right things from the wrong position as well as move in relation to an opponent
  • Speed endurance - the ability to maintain speed for multiple repetitions


The list lacks maximum strength, which acts as a base property for explosiveness and velocity and promotes strength endurance. Testing for maximum strength would require an indoor gym. We can possibly test the maximum force some other time.


Schedule: Sun 30.5. 12-15.

A more detailed schedule (testing sites and transitions) will be announced closer to the event.

Test sites: IMBA hall, outdoor gym under Ratina bridge and Pyynikki sports field

Fitness test price: 10 €

Additional information: Three hours have been set aside for the event, taking into account the transitions between the test sites. Please register by Wed 26 May!


During the event, you can refuel in the form of liquids / smoothies etc which can help you cope better.

Notes: The day before the fitness test should be considered a light training day at most, or a complete rest day.


The club organizes small-scale snacks/drinks during or after the event. Welcome aboard!


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