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Soveltaminen/sparri (Len Chern/Som Khu)

Harjoittele vaarallisia tilanteita ja tekniikoita turvallisesti.

  • Hatanpään valtatie

Palvelun kuvaus

Varustus: modernit thai-shortsit, IMBA-paita ja kaikki suojat Equipment: modern thai shorts, IMBA shirt and full protective gear About sparring: "The prearranged sparring system (i.e. the realistic execution of pre-arranged attacks and free or predetermined defenses and single or multiple counters) is traditionally used in Martial Arts in order to rehearse potentially dangerous techniques and strategies without risking the practitioners’ safety. Knowing in advance one’s partner’s moves allows providing adequate defenses while maintaining a high level of adrenaline in martial arts practice. The purpose of this kind of training is learning to solve the most common fighting problems: familiarizing with different kinds of opponents and practically learning how to defend and counter against various offensive techniques, has an incomparable value. Without fear of being hurt, even novice boxers will speed up their learning process, quickly acquiring real fighting capabilities within a limited amount of time. Harder contact free style sparring is practiced more seldom than Len Chern. Professional fighters spar on a regular basis when preparing for a contest and increase the amount of rounds as training camp progresses. When Thai boxers spar in the free style mode, they usually do it using only their hands, just as western boxers do. In fact, the speed expressed by hand blows is higher than any other kind of technique: that is why it is so important for a Nak Muay to develop good reflexes against a fast punch. Boxing with different partners is an excellent exercise to develop quick reflexes, reinforce one’s ability to handle difficult situations and give fluidity and speed to all arms strikes." –GM Marco De Cesaris

Tulevat istunnot


Voit ilmoittautua treeneihin viimeistään 10 minuuttia ennen treenin alkua. Perumisen rajana on viimeistään kaksi tuntia ennen treenin alkua. Jos joudut perumaan osallistumisesi, ilmoitathan siitä mahdollisimman pian – kuitenkin viimeistään kaksi tuntia ennen treenien alkua. You can sign up for the class the latest 10 minutes before it starts. In case you need to cancel, please cancel as soon as possible, the latest two hours before the class.


  • Muay Boran IMBA Finland, Hatanpään valtatie, Tampere, Finland


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