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defend yourself

seminar for women

Welcome to a seminar where you learn battle-born techniques and means to defend yourself. The seminar is held by world-class teacher, Master Maria Grazia Vallone.

3. FEB 2019

varala, tampere

at 11:00-14:00

what will you learn?

- Energy principles to produce power from you body (based on physics)

- Utilizing the hard and bony parts of the body towards the opponent’s weak parts (based on anatomy)

- Straightforward and simple techniques developed in practice to defend yourself against common aggressive actions

What is it based on?

The skills taught in the seminar are based on Muay Lert Rit fighting system which was used to train the Siamese elite soldiers to protect the king. The result is a powerful mix of techniques and strategies that combine traditional and modern elements according to a scientific and battle tested process.

who? What?

Master Maria Vallone from Italy

The seminar is held by Italian master Maria Grazia Vallone. IMBA Finland offers you a unique chance to learn from world-class teacher.

You don't need any previous experience on self defence or martial arts. Everything you need you'll learn in the seminar!

important info

The seminar is held in English.

Age limit is 15 years.

No previous experience is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact

Dani Warnicki / IMBA Finland +358 45 7877 6053

Event location: Varala Training Center

Varalankatu 36, Tampere


ticket prices

& booking

- Earlybird tickets (until 13.1.) 20€

- After that 25€

- Buy tickets with a friend 15€/person


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