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World-class teacher, master Maria Grazia Vallone arrives in Finland – in Febuary IMBA Finland offers you a unique chance to learn Combat Muay Boran from an international master. Book your ticket in advance – the number of participants is limited.

2. FEB 2019

HATANPÄÄ, tampere

at 12:00-15:00

combat muay boran in brief


Learn battleborn skills

In the seminar you’ll learn skills that the Siamese warriors utilized to survive the battle fields and beat their enemies – such as effective use of knees and elbows both in attacking and defending. Additionally, you’ll learn to produce energy which can be utilized when using elbows and knees.


When Siamese warriors learned to survive on battlefields and win their opponents in wars, they taught the straightforward and efficient skills to next generations. During times of peace the Siamese soldiers began to utilize their unarmed skills in sports arenas and in order to keep themselves fit.


Finally, the characteristics of the developed battle skills changed significantly and the taught skills were substantially reduced to fit the nature of modern combat sports. Today this sport is known as thaiboxing or Muay Thai.


The unarmed Thai martial arts loyal to their original purpose of use are known today as Combat Muay Boran. In brief, Combat Muay Boran is all about the battle skills which were also applied in ancient sports arenas.

important info

The seminar is held in English.

Age limit is 16 years.

No previous experience is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact

Dani Warnicki / IMBA Finland +358 45 7877 6053

Event location: Hatanpään valtatie 34D


ticket prices

& booking

- Earlybird tickets (until 13.1.) 25€

- After that 30€

- Buy tickets with a friend 20€/person


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